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Secure Lockers at Estació Nord Bus Station

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The lockers at Barcelona Nord Station
The lockers at Barcelona Nord Station
Estació Nord station (sometimes called 'Nord Estació' or 'Barcelona Nord Station') does not have a left luggage service. However they do have lockers where you can leave your bags for up to 15 days. This page will provide information on the location, prices, size, instructions and terms and conditions of the lockers at Barcelona Nord bus station.

Location for the lockers

The location of the lockers at Estació Nord
The location of the lockers at Estació Nord

The lockers at Estació Nord station sit in front of platforms 1 - 7. They are to the right of the Tourist Information cabin. On leaving the station building to head the bus forecourt you will be able to see them directly in front of you.

Sizes of the lockers

61.5 cm high
28 cm wide
76.5 cm deep

61.5 cm high
55.7 cm wide
91.6cm deep

Prices of the lockers

The lockers are charged in periods of 24 hours (see more information below in Terms and Conditions). If you exceed the 24 hours that you will have paid when putting your bag in the locker, you will need to pay the excess when you return to open the locker (see below in 'How to use the lockers')

Small (24 hours): €3.00
Large (24 hours): €4.00

Our Insider Tip

It really helps if you have some change with you for the lockers. They do not accept notes or cards and there is no change machine at the station. If you need change, the tourist information stand will do everything that they can to help, but they cannot guarantee that they will have the change that you need.

How to use the lockers

  • The lockers will only accept change (€2.00 and 1 centime coins are not accepted - all other euro coins are accepted). Be careful when putting your money in - once you put the money in it will not be returned to you. The lockers only accept the correct change.
  • Place your luggage in the locker, lock the door and remove the key.
  • Be careful to ensure that you have taken everything out of your luggage that you will need - if you open the locker door you will have to pay again to re-lock it.
  • Store the key in a safe place as this will be your only means of unlocking the locker on your return.
  • Remember that the lockers are charged in periods of 24 hours - if you go over the 24 hours (even by just a few minutes), you will have to pay for a whole extra 24 hours.
  • You can leave your luggage in the lockers for a maximum of 15 days.

Terms and Conditions of using the lockers

  • Do not leave anything valuable or dangerous in the lockers.
  • The station do not take any responsibility for the contents of the lockers (so you may want to consider how valuable your belongings are before leaving them in the lockers).
  • If you leave your luggage for a period of more than 15 days it will be taken to a storage facility. Depending on how long it is left for and how much luggage there is, you will have to pay a charge to have your belongings returned to you.

There is no left luggage facility at Barcelona Nord station, however you should find the locker service sufficiently convenient. Just remember to bring change with you to the station. And don't forget - keep that key somewhere safe!

Parking Near Luggage Storage at Barcelona Nord

Below is a location map showing the car parking facilities near Barcelona Nord Station in Barcelona city centre.

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Car parking location map for the Barcelona Nord Station.

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BSM Estació Barcelona-Nord Car Park
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BSM Estació Barcelona-Nord Car Park
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