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Barcelona to Madrid: AVE (High Velocity Train) Facilities at Barcelona Sants Train Station

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AVE (High Speed Train)
AVE (High Speed Train)

Barcelona Sants plays proud host to Spain's impressive high speed train service that runs between the two major cities - Barcelona and Madrid. AVE (which stands for Alta Velocidad Española) at Barcelona Sants station has its own customer services desk, plus the 'Sala Club' VIP area for first class AVE travellers. The train itself is impressive to look at, with its pointy nose and streamlined edges.

This page provides details of the AVE services available at Barcelona Sants station: location and opening times of AVE customer services, journey times of the trains, how to purchase tickets for the train and details of the first class waiting lounge area.

Book a private transfer from Barcelona Sants

You can book a private transfer from Barcelona Sants by clicking the button below. The driver will meet you and help you with your luggage to the car and then take you to your destination.

How to buy tickets for AVE at Sants station

Larga Distancia Ticket Office
Larga Distancia Ticket Office

Tickets for the AVE trains fall under the category of 'Larga Distancia' (long distance). They can be purchased via internet, telephone or at the station. It is possible to purchase them on the day of travel, however, there is a high chance that the trains will have sold out by this point, so it is better to buy them in advance if possible.

See our Guide to Ticketing at Barcelona Sants station and check the headings for long distance travel. Here you will find how to purchase tickets for the AVE train.

Journey times for AVE

There are three different possible journey times for the AVE high speed train, depending on how many stops the train will be making:

Direct service: 2 hours 40 minutes
Service stopping at Zaragoza: 2 hours 50 minutes
Service more than 1 stop: 3 hours 10 minutes (approximately)

Customer Services for AVE

AVE Customer Service (Centre Serveis)
AVE Customer Service (Centre Serveis)

At Barcelona Sants station there is a general customer services desk for the station, however there is also a desk that deals specifically with customer services for the AVE train. You can head to this office if you have any queries regarding tickets or services or if you have any complaints or suggestions to make. For further details of the opening times and location of the AVE customer services desk, see my Guide to Information Desks at Barcelona Sants.

First Class Lounge for AVE

AVE Club Lounge Entrance (Sala Club)
AVE Club Lounge Entrance (Sala Club)

The first class lounge for travellers on the AVE train is called 'Sala Club' and is located behind the 'Media Distancia' ticket booths towards the left of Sants station, close to the McDonalds. The area offers complimentary coffees, pastries, cold drinks and snacks. There are a selection of newspapers available to read and a 'quiet zone'. There are departure boards within the area itself to ensure that you do not miss your train.

AVE Club Lounge
AVE Club Lounge

Opening Times of Sala Club:
Monday - Saturday: 05:20 - 21:30
Sunday: 06:30 - 21:30

The AVE train service offers a speedy way of travelling from Barcelona to Madrid. It is necessary to check the official RENFE website for the prices of the trains - these will vary depending on when you make the booking and what category of ticket you choose to buy. However, the train may prove to be a convenient and environmental alternative to a flight.

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