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Barcelona Sants station, also known Sants Estación is Barcelona's largest train station and provides rail services both in and around Barcelona and for the whole of Spain and beyond.

Barcelona Sants (Estació Sants)
Barcelona Sants (Estació Sants)

Map showing exact location of Barcelona Sants station

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Location map for Sants station in Barcelona, Spain

Mercat Hostafrancs Car Park
Brick Hotel
Acta Azul Hotel
Caledonian Hotel
(3 Star)
Catalonia Plaza Hotel
(4 Star)
B Hotel
(3 Star)
Chic and Basic Velvet Hotel
(3 Star)
AC Sants Hotel
(4 Star)
NH Forum Hotel
Acta City47 Hotel
(4 Star)
Abba Sants Hotel
(4 Star)
Barcelo Sants Hotel
(4 Star)
Nobu Hotel
(5 Star)
Catalonia Roma Hotel
(3 Star)
Abbot Hotel
(4 Star)
H10 Itaca Hotel
(4 Star)
Expo Hotel
(4 Star)
NN Rocafort Car Park
Parc de Joan Miró
Carrer d'Arago, 2
Plaça España
Centro Comercial Arenas de Barcelona
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373 - 385
Enteca Metro
Plaça del Centre Metro
Tarragona Metro
Sants Estació Metro
Sants Estació Metro
Plaça de Sants Metro
Plaça de Sants Metro
Hostafrancs Metro
España Metro
Gran Via Car Park
Entenca Car Park
PLAFER Abanto Car Park
NN Tarragona Car Park
Barcelona Sants Station
SABA Estación Barcelona - Sants Car Park
NN Master Catalonia Car Park
SABA BAMSA Tarradellas - Nicaragua Car Park
COPARK Sants-Numancia Car Park
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The station itself can prove quite a confusing place to be as it is so large and there are often large numbers of passengers there. I have set about a detailed investigation into all aspects of the train station, to try to make using the station services as simple as possible.

This page provides an overview to the station: station opening times, plus a link to a station map and a list of train destinations. It also provides links to detailed pages explaining the facilities at the station and how to buy your train tickets.

Opening times of the station

Monday - Sunday: Monday - Friday: 04:30 - 00:30
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 05:00 - 00:30

Sants Estación Station Map

Click the link to see a full floor plan of Barcelona Sants station: Map of Barcelona Sants Station. This map provides a key to where the lifts, escalators, information desks, ticket booths, ticket machines and luggage trolleys are at Barcelona Sants station.


The facilities at Barcelona Sants station are plentiful, to reflect the large amount of travellers who pass through the station every day. This page covers links to detailed pages for information on the toilets, information desks, Wi-Fi, left luggage, lost property, facilities for people with a disability, information desks and tourist information at Barcelona Sants station: Guide to facilities at Barcelona Sants station.

Buying tickets at Sants

Buying tickets at Barcelona Sants station can prove to be quite complicated. You need to know what type of train you will be travelling on and on what day you plan to travel. See my Guide to Ticketing at Barcelona Sants station for a detailed guide on how to buy tickets via telephone, internet and at Barcelona Sants station.

Barcelona Sants railway station is a hub of bustle and excitement for travellers heading all over Spain and beyond. Take a little time before you go to do some research into the facilities that are there and what you need to do to buy train tickets and it should make for a pleasant experience.
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