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Facilities For People With A Disability at Barcelona Sants Train Station.

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Barcelona Sants station has many services specifically designed to help with the intrepid limited mobility traveller. If that includes you then you can feel confident that the station facilities are fully adapted for your wheelchairs or scooters. If you have impaired vision or hearing the station staff have been trained to help make your journey as trouble free as possible.

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In relation to the trains, the services you receive will vary depending on which service you are travelling with: Cercanias (commuter trains), Media Distancia (middle distance journeys) or Larga Distancia (Long distance or intercity journeys). For a full explanation of the differences between these trains, see our page on ticketing at Barcelona Sants station.

This page covers the whole spectrum of facilities for people with a disability at Estació Sants:

Facilities when purchasing train tickets
Aid in getting around the station
Assistance in getting to the platform as a limited mobility traveller
Facilities on the trains themselves
Toilets for people with a disability in Barcelona Sants station.

Facilities for people with a disability for ticket purchases

If you are a traveller with a disability, RENFE recommend that you purchase your tickets via telephone. At this point you can inform RENFE of any special services that you may require in relation to your disability. Once you have purchased the ticket via telephone you will need to print out the ticket when you arrive at the station. During the telephone call you will have the opportunity to explain that you need special assistance. This means that when you arrive at the station there will be somebody there to help you in printing out the ticket if you need this. However, if you will be doing this alone, it is probably easiest to head to the cluster of ticket printing stations to the far left of the building. They sit to the left of the ticket booths, in front of the McDonald's restaurant. Once you have entered the credit or debit card that you used into the machine, your purchase will be verified and a ticket will be printed.

Ticket purchases

Tel : +34 91 214 0505

However, if you are at the station and wish to buy a ticket from one of the ticket machines, they provide brail for users with limited vision. The brail is on the numbers on the machine where you will need to type in the password for your payment card.

Facilities for people with a disability for getting around the station

If you would like assistance whilst you are at Barcelona Sants station, it is possible to have somebody assist you in moving around the station, getting down to the platforms and getting onto the train. It is recommended that you call the station 48 hours prior to your journey on the number above (see 'facilities for people with a disability for ticket purchases').

Customer Services Desk - Atencio al Cliente
Customer Services Desk - Atencio al Cliente

However, if you do not call the station in advance, you are still entitled to assistance at the railway station. On arrival at the station, head to the Customer services desk - 'Atencio al Cliente' (see our Guide to the Information Desks at Barcelona Sants for more details). You will need to explain the type of assistance that you will need and may have to wait for somebody who can help you. However, you are entitled to help with purchase of tickets, getting around the station and getting onto the train.

Facilities for people with a disability for getting to the platform

Lifts to the Platforms
Lifts to the Platforms

See above for how you gain assistance whilst getting around the station and what assistance you are entitled to.

There are lifts to all platforms at the station to accommodate wheelchairs.

Facilities for people with a disability on the trains

Acquiring assistance whilst on the trains depends on which sort of train you are travelling on. The RENFE trains can accommodate wheelchairs of up to 700 mm (width) by 1,300 mm (depth) by 1,400 mm (height) in size.

If you travelling on a Cercanias train, it is necessary to contact RENFE two hours prior to the journey. Call the number above (see 'facilities for people with a disability for ticket purchases') and explain what train you will be travelling on and what assistance you require.

If you are travelling on a Media Distancia train it is necessary to contact RENFE up to 30 minutes before travelling.

If you are travelling Larga Distancia and you have booked a special seat for wheelchairs (known as Plaza H), RENFE will automatically organise assistance for you on the platform for getting onto the train. These special places must be organised 12 hours prior to travelling.

If you are travelling Larga Distancia and have not booked a special place for wheelchairs, you will need to call the above number up to 12 hours prior to travelling and explain what assistance you will require.

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Toilets for people with a disability at Barcelona Sants station

There are three different public toilet areas in Estació Sants. For details of where each of these toilets is located see our Guide to the Toilets at Barcelona Sants Station. Each of these toilets contains at least one toilet for people with a disability that is suitable for wheelchair users.

Entrance to the Toilets
Entrance to the Toilets

The standard of service for limited mobility travellers at Barcelona Sants station is high. To ensure that you receive the best that the service can offer it is worth informing RENFE of your special requirements as far in advance as possible. Whilst at the station, if you find that you are having any difficulties, the best thing to do is to make your way to the Customer Services Desk (see above for more details) from there your specific queries or needs that you may have will be dealt with.

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