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Left Luggage at Barcelona Sants Train Station: Baggage And Storage Facilities

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Sants station (also known as Estacio Sants or Sants Estacio) is one of Barcelona's largest stations. It is often the arrival and departure destination for areas all over Spain and beyond. It offers a luggage storage facility within the station building. The Spanish for left luggage is Consigna.

This page provides details relating to left luggage at Sants station: location, locker sizes, prices, opening times and how to use the service.

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Where to find Left Luggage in Barcelona Sants Train Station

On entering the Barcelona Sants building, follow signs for left luggage or Consigna. If you are facing the ticket offices in the station, the left luggage department is on the left of the building. It sits next to the McDonald's towards the back of the building.

The cost of left luggage

The cost of left luggage at Sants station depends on the size of locker you choose (See below for locker sizes). Payment is for a 24 hour period.

Small Locker: €3.60
Large Locker: €5.00

Locker Sizes

There are two different locker sizes at Sants station: large and small.
Small: 80cm deep/ 60cm tall/ 40 cm wide
Large: 90cm deep/ 60cm tall/ 50 cm wide

Opening times for lockers

Left luggage is open 365 days a year.

Monday - Sunday: 05:30 - 23:00

Procedures for leaving baggage in left luggage lockers

The left luggage service at Sants station is self-service. You will be required to send your bags through security check before putting them in a locker.

The lockers will only accept change and it has to be the correct change. However, there is a machine that provides change in the left luggage area so you will not have any difficulties obtaining the right change. However, do remember, that you cannot use credit or debit cards to pay for the service.

Once you've placed your luggage in the locker, lock the door and remove the key. Remember that if you open the locker again you will have to pay the full amount of money again, so ensure to get everything that you need from your luggage before you close the door.

If you exceed the amount of time that you have paid to leave your left luggage. On returning to the locker you will not be able to open the door until you have paid the difference. It is important to remember that the lockers are charged in 24 hour periods, so if you run over, even by just a couple of minutes, you will have to pay for a whole extra 24 hours.

You are allowed to leave your luggage in the locker for a maximum of 15 days.

Left luggage can be a useful service if you want to explore Barcelona without the burden of carrying around your belongings. Barcelona Sants station is not the only place in Barcelona with left luggage facilities. See our Guide to Luggage Storage in Barcelona for more options.

Parking Near Luggage Storage at Barcelona Sants Station (Sants Estacio)

Below is a location map showing the car parking facilities near Barcelona Sants Station in Barcelona city centre.

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Car parking location map for luggage storage in Barcelona Sants Station.

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