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Lost Property at Barcelona Sants Train Station: 'Objetos Perdidos' Office

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It is always difficult and stressful if you lose property on public transport. It is not always easy to know where to look and who to speak to. The lost property office at Barcelona Sants station (sometimes called Estació Sants or Sants Estació) deals with specific situations. The staff at the desk are helpful and will do everything that they can to reunite you with whatever you have lost.

This article offers in depth detail as to the Lost Property office in Barcelona Sants station. This includes location, opening times, contact details and procedure for if you have lost something.

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Luggage transfer and storage services at Barcelona Sants Rail Station

Drop off your luggage with a baggage management service operating out of Barcelona Sants and have your luggage delivered to any location you want, e.g. your hotel, Barcelona airport or Barcelona cruise port.

Procedure for lost property at Barcelona Sants station

Lost Property at Barcelona Sants train station deal with both objects that have been lost whilst on a train and objects that have been lost at the station itself. This section will deal separately with items lost on the train and items lost at Estació Sants station itself.

Procedure for items lost on the train

It depends which train you have been travelling on as to whether lost property at Barcelona Sants can help you or not. There are three types of trains that leave from Barcelona Sants station: Cercanias (local trains for the Barcelona area), Media Distancia (trains that travel throughout the region of Catalunya) and Larga Distancia (trains that travel all over Spain and Europe).

If you have lost you item on a Cercanias train, lost property at Barcelona Sants are unlikely to be able to help. The object could be held in any one of the stations that the train travelled to. It is still worth asking at Barcelona Sants as they may have your item. However, you will also need to ask at the other stations that the train travelled to.

If you have lost your item on a Media Distancia or Larga Distancia train that departed from or arrived in to Barcelona Sants station, if the item has been found on the train, it will be forwarded to the lost property office in Barcelona Sants station.

Procedure for items lost in the station

If you have lost an item in the station itself, this will also be held at Barcelona Sants lost property. However, if you have lost an item in one of the other Barcelona stations, it will be held there rather than at Estació Sants.

If you think that you have lost an item either in the station or on the train, you can contact the lost property office in person or via telephone (see below). Each item that the office receive is logged with a registration number and details of where it was found.

Our Insider Tip

If you lost the item on the train, the details of what train it was on and the train time will have been logged. Therefore, it is useful to show your train ticket as evidence that you are the owner of the lost item.

The lady who runs the lost property office is Sra. Cól. She has worked in the office for over two years and is efficient and helpful. She makes every effort to return lost items to their owners. For example, if she receives a lost phone, she will search for numbers such as 'Mum', 'Dad', or 'Home' and call them in the hopes of reuniting you with your phone. If you have left Spain before realising that your item is lost you can send somebody else to pick the item up for you (see below for more details).

If your item has been found and you can produce sufficient evidence that it is yours - official identification, the pin number of a mobile to unlock it, the contents of a bag - it will be returned to you. If you are not able to pick up the object yourself you are permitted to ask somebody else to pick it up for you. You will need to provide the lost property office with identification of the person - name and NIE or passport number. The person will need to bring evidence of who they are when they go to pick up the item.

Location of lost property at Barcelona Sants station

The lost and found office at Estació Sants station is located within the office called 'Atencio al Cliente' - the Customer Service office. This office sits in the centre of the station. As you enter the main doors you will see a green and white 'brief questions' desk directly in front of you. The 'Atencio al Cliente' office is directly opposite this, on the right.

Opening times of lost property

The lost property office has shorter hours than the 'Atencio al Cliente', in which it is based.

Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 13:30
16:30 - 19:00

Contact details lost property

If you cannot go to the lost property office in person, it is necessary to call them. They do not have their own e-mail address and do not advise e-mailing the general RENFE e-mail addresses as the chances of them receiving the e-mail are slim.

Tel (Lost Property): +34 93 495 6020

If you have lost an object on a train in Barcelona there are a number of places where it could be. However, contacting lost property at Barcelona Sants station could be a first port of call. The staff are helpful and even if they do not have your property they will advise you on where you could look next. Remember that the office is only open during office hours, so make sure that you call or visit during this time.

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