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Shops at Barcelona Sants Train Station

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Barcelona Sants station (or Estació Sants as it is often known) is Barcelona's largest train station. Therefore it is a bustling place, full of shopping opportunities. If you are hoping to hit the shops at Barcelona Sants station, you will be pleased to know that they generally have longer opening hours than normal retail outlets in Barcelona.

Shops at Barcelona Sants station
Shops at Barcelona Sants station

This page covers the main shops at Barcelona Sants station, detailing their locations, opening times and what they have to offer. The shops have been split into the most common categories: newsagents; entertainment shops selling books, video games and DVDs; and pharmacies. There is also a special section on the FC Botiga (Barcelona Football club's merchandise shop) for the avid football fans.

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Newsagents at Barcelona Sants Station

Divers Newsagents

Divers are a well-known Spanish chain that can be found in lots of major transport stations. They offer snacks including crisps, confectionary and prepackage sandwiches. They also sell a large range of magazines in various languages. A small selection of souvenirs and toys are on offer, as well as guide books for Spain and beyond.

Location of Divers: Divers sits at the front entrance to Sants station, on the far right of the building. It is next to the pharmacy with the neon red sign.

Entertainment Shops


Ocasion is a store that is packed with items that could help to pass the time on a long train journey. It sells a wide range of books, both fiction and nonfiction, in a variety of languages. It also sells a selection of CDs and DVDs. It is difficult to miss, as it has a large stall that sits in the main hall of the station, as well as the shop itself.

Location of Ocasion: the shop sits towards the front of the station, on the right hand side of the building. It is next to the entrance for the Metro station.


There are two pharmacies at Barcelona Sants station. They are both simply called 'Farmacia'. The both have the same opening times. The pharmacy that sits further towards the right hand side of the station is slightly bigger.

Location of Pharmacies: The large pharmacy sits at the door towards the right of the front entrance of the station. It is next to the large Divers store (see above).

The smaller pharmacy sits at the door towards the left of the front entrance of the station.

Opening Times:

Month Day Time
January - December Monday - Friday 06:30 - 22:30
Saturday - Sunday 08:00 - 22:30
Public Holiday 08:00 - 22:30

Our Insider Tip

It is worth remembering that you will often find more than you would expect in Spanish pharmacies. They are well-known for selling a wider variety of products than you would find in an English pharmacy, for example. If you are looking for skin and hair products or make up you may benefit from checking out the selection in one of the pharmacies.

Barca FC Football Club Merchandise Shop at Barcelona Sants Station

Sants Estació plays proud host to one of Barcelona FC's many merchandise stores in the city. It is one of the smaller of these stores. However, it still offers a wide range of products for football fans. It sells football strips, balls, posters, mascots and souvenirs.

FC Barcelona shop in Barcelona Sants
FC Barcelona shop in Barcelona Sants

For a list of the Barca FC merchandise shops in Barcelona, see our Barcelona FC Shops Guide. On this page you will also find links to pages covering tickets for Camp Nou tours and matches and an overview to the team and the stadium itself.

There is also a range of smaller shops dotted around the station building. These include: a jewellery shop, a sweet shop, a mobile phone shop and a stall selling lottery tickets. Their opening hours vary slightly but they are generally open most hours of most days, between 07:00 and 22:00.

If you are more interested in finding a place to sit down and enjoy some food to eat, there are also a wide range of fast food joints and cafes in the station. For more information on these, see our page on Restaurants in Barcelona Sants station.

Barcelona Sants is a large station with a lot to see and do. As long as you don't mind braving the crowds, you are likely to enjoy taking a look around the shops if you need to kill some time at the station. It may also be worth considering going there if you need something essential and other shops in the area are closed for siesta.

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