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Toilets facilities at Barcelona Sants Train Station Lavatories (Washrooms)

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There are three toilet areas available for both males and females at Barcelona Sants station (sometimes called 'Sants Estació' or 'Estació Sants'). They are dotted around the station so you will never find yourself far from somewhere to use the loo. The toilets are open 24 hours per day. However, one of the three toilets is always closed for cleaning - this is done on rotation. If you are not sure which one is closed, simply keep your eyes peeled for a cleaner, and they will let you know which ones are available for use.

Toilet facility at Barcelona Sants
Toilet facility at Barcelona Sants

Locations of Toilets at Barcelona Sants

The largest of the three toilets is located at the far right of the station building. It is about half way along the side of the wall, in between the two entrances to the metro station.

The second largest toilet is located at the centre of the station. As you enter the main entrance you will see the 'brief questions' desk in front of you. Head past this desk and turn left. The toilets are in front of you.

The smallest toilets are located at the left of the building. They are half way down the side of the wall. Practically directly opposite the largest toilets. If you require toilets that are suitable for travellers with a disability or limited mobility, see our facilities for people with a disability at Barcelona Sants.

The toilets in Barcelona Sants station are slightly old and run down. However, a vigilant team of cleaners ensure that they are rarely dirty. Estació Sants is a large station. However, you are unlikely to find yourself in a queue for the bathrooms as there are a sufficient amount of them available.

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