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Wi-Fi Internet Connection at Barcelona Sants Train Station

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Barcelona Sants does not currently have its own wireless internet connection. Therefore, if you wish to use your laptop for Wi-Fi at Barcelona Sants train station, you will need to go to one of the two cafés where a wireless internet connection is available.

At this stage, there is no official Wi-Fi service offered by Sants station itself. However Wi-Fi points are available from two restaurants in the Station. There are plans to install the service in the future however no date set for when the change will take place.

This page covers information on Wi-Fi points at Barcelona Sants station: the location of the connections, how to use Wi-Fi at the station, the opening times for the Wi-Fi area and the prices for using the connections.

Location of Wi-Fi connections at Barcelona Sants Station

Wi-Fi at Ars Restaurant
Wi-Fi at Ars Restaurant

Wi-Fi is currently available for use in Barcelona Sant's two largest restaurants: McDonald's and Ars. For further details of where to find the two restaurants in the station, see my Guide to Restaurants at Barcelona Sants Station

How to connect to the Wi-Fi service

On entering one of the two restaurants where wireless internet connection is available, simply ask one of the members of staff for the internet password ('la clave' in Spanish). You can then enter this into your laptop to use the internet for as long as you need to.

Opening times for areas with Wi-Fi

For opening times of the two restaurants where internet is available, see our page on restaurants at Barcelona Sants station

Prices of Wi-Fi at the station

Internet is available free of charge in both McDonald's and Ars. However, it is worth remembering that you will only be allowed to sit in the restaurants if you have made a purchase of some kind. Therefore it is definitely worth heading to the establishment where you are most likely to want to order some of their food or drinks.

Internet connections is currently available at Barcelona Sants station for the mere price of a cup of coffee. If you are looking to spend a large amount of time on the internet whilst at the station, you may find the busy atmosphere in the two cafés is not particularly conducive to serious work. However, if you simply need an opportunity to check your e-mails, it is useful to have two options of places where a wireless internet connection is available free of charge.

Portable pocket WiFi for up to 10 devices

An convenient alternative is to hire your own portable Wi-Fi device that you can share with up to 10 devices. This device is hired out for the length of time you need it and is small enough to fit in your pocket. It offers you unlimited high speed internet access for you and your group at a low daily rate. It could also save you money if your hotel charges you for internet access.

To find out more about this portable Wi-Fi service see our page on Portable pocket Wi-Fi for up to 10 devices.

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