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Facilities at França Train Station

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França Station ('Estació França') is one of Barcelona's most important stations. The station has a total of fourteen train platforms. It is the station that you will be most likely to be heading to if you plan on catching a train to another country, such as France, Switzerland or Italy - it is the first/last stop for the popular 'Trenhotel' overnight trains (see below for more details). However, you can also take trains from França station to more local parts of Catalunya and Spain. The station is located inside arguably Barcelona's most beautiful station building. There are marble floors, a high ceiling and an Art Deco style to the interior.

Barcelona Franca station
Barcelona Franca station

Map showing exact location of Estació de Franca station

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Location map for Franca station in Barcelona, Spain

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Laietana Princesa Car Park
Franca Station
Ciutadella - Vila Olimpica Metro
Barceloneta Metro
BSM Wellington - Zoo Car Park
BSM Biomedic Car Park
BSM Hospital del Mar Car Park
SABA BAMSA Barceloneta Centre Car Park
BSM Moll de la Fusta Car Park

Despite the importance of the station, it is not particularly well-equipped, compared to other Barcelona train stations such as Sants station or Catalunya station. For example, there are no shops or restaurants in the station building.

This page will provide you with details of the facilities in Estació França station: opening hours, toilets, information desks, facilities for people with a disability, parking, telephones and taxis. Plus information on where to find the closest shops and restaurants to the station.

Opening hours at França station

França station is open every day:
Monday - Sunday: 04:45 - 00:00 Midnight

Information desks at the station

There is one information desk in França station. It is located at the far left of the building. As you enter the building turn left and head towards the 'Sortida Ciutat' sign. Head underneath the archway and you will see an office directly in front of you called the 'Passenger Assistance Office'.

You should head to this office for any questions that you have about train times, facilities, platforms and routes.

Passenger Assistance Office is open every day:
04:45 - 00:00 Midnight

Toilet Facilities

There are two sets of toilets at França station. One is located in a downstairs area and the others are located next to the station platforms. It is important to note that there are no toilets for people with a disability in the downstairs area.

To reach the downstairs toilets, head to the left on entering the station building and walk towards the 'Sortida Ciutat' sign. Head through the arches and down the set of stair on your left (there is also a lift here in case you need it). At the bottom of the stairs you will find men's and women's toilets.

To reach the platform toilets, on entering the station building, head straight ahead of you to the main entrance to the platforms area. It is worth noting that there is sometimes security at this entrance to the platforms - you will not need a ticket to get through, but you may need to put your bag through a bag scanner. As you arrive at the platforms, turn left and you will see the toilets on your right. There is where you will find the station's one toilet for people with a disability.

The toilets have the same opening hours as the station.

Accessibility for people with a disability

The majority of the facilities at França Station are on the ground floor. The only service on another floor is one of two sets of toilets (see above). There is a lift to these toilets, however, it is best to use the platform toilets (see above) as they have a toilet for people with a disability option.

Also, due to the relatively small size of the station (there is one main hall and the platform area), you are unlikely to need extra assistance in getting around the station. The platforms are on the same floor as the tickets and entrance hall.

There are wide ramps leading to the main entrance of the station building. The door to the information office (see above) is also widened.

For details and advice on services for people with a disability on the trains and buying train tickets as a traveller with a disability, see our page on services for people with a disability at Sants station. The information here is about a different, however, the advice in relation to buying train tickets is still relevant at França station.

Parking at França station

There is a car park located at the left hand side of the Estació França building. It is open 24 hours. On entering the car park you will need to take a ticket from a machine to raise the bar that will allow you to enter the car park. On leaving the car park you will need to put your ticket back in the payment machine (so don't lose your ticket). You can pay by cash, note or card. You do not need the correct change.

Prices for the car park at França station:
First 30 minutes: €0.06 per minute
After 30 minutes: €0.05 per minute

Car parking

Luggage Storage

Public Telephones

You will find three public telephones located in a small room opposite the station platforms. To get to the telephones, head through the main entrance to the platforms and turn left, the pay phones are in a small room to your left with a telephone sign outside the door.

Taxis Rank

There is a taxi rank located directly outside the main entrance to França station, on the same side of the road. Taxis will be at this rank for the duration of the station's opening hours (see above).

For advice on getting a taxi from the station to the city centre, see our page on transfers from França station.

Shops at França

Unfortunately there are no longer any shops or restaurants located inside the França station building. However, luckily, perhaps as a reaction to this, there are an abundance of places to eat on the same road as the station, located directly opposite the station building. The station is located on Avenida du Marques de l'Argentera (see address below) - a large road that leads from the Port to Barcelona's Parc de la Ciutadella. Here you will find a number of spots for eating and drinking. Here are some examples:

Restaurant Navia

This large bar/restaurant sits directly opposite the station entrance. It has convenient opening hours and serves classic Spanish food such as tapas, fish dishes and 'platos combinados' (normally plates of meat, potatoes and vegetables).

Opening hours:  Monday - Sunday: 06:00 - 02:30

If you would like to do some shopping to kill some time whilst you wait for your train, you will need to head into the centre of El Born (the part of town where the station is located). For further details and advice on what to expect from this area, see our Guide to the El Born area of Barcelona.

Estació de França
Avinguda del Marquès de l'Argentera
08003 Barcelona, España.

How to get to Estació de França

MetroMetro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line, L4)

Hop on hop off sightseeing tourist bus stop

Nearest stop for Estació de França is "El Born - Ciutadella - Zoo" with the "hop on hop off" sightseeing bus

Public bus

Estació de França: 39, 51, H14
Pla de Palau / Plaça Pau Vila: 39, 45, 59, D20, V13, V15

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Car parking

Luggage Storage

França station is one of Barcelona's most important and most beautiful train stations. If you are going there during your trip, it is important to remember that facilities at the station are minimal, so you may want to pick up your magazines and sandwiches elsewhere.

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