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Transfer From Barcelona to Salou - Trains, Bus and Private Taxi

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On this page you'll find the transport options for getting from Barcelona to Salou and vice versa. You'll also find links to the official transport websites that offer you up to date timetable information and ticket prices. You can either travel by train or by bus between Barcelona and Salou. We have also included the price for a Private taxi transfer between Barcelona to Salou if you want to consider this expensive option.

Salou is a popular family beach destination which is 68.61 Miles (110 km) South West of Barcelona and 11km south of Tarragona.

Many people travelling to Salou want to also know how to get to Barcelona and the following information details the main methods of transfer between the two cities.

Barcelona to Salou
Barcelona to Salou

Important Notice Regarding Timetables: Timetables change frequently. Always check timetables directly with the transport concerned before planning your journey. Where available, we have provided you with links to the official transport websites or contact telephone numbers of the operators offering the transport. The timetables on this page are only presented as a rough guide and may have been updated since we wrote this article. We cannot be responsible for changes in timetable information. If you decide to act on timetable information on this page you agree to do so at your own risk.

Barcelona To Salou

By Train - Barcelona to Salou

The train company RENFE covers the service between Barcelona Sants station and Salou.

Barcelona to Salou Trains
Operating hours: 06:03 - 21:03

The frequency is 3 minutes to 2 hour.

RENFE timetable for journey between Barcelona to Salou by Train.

The journey takes approximately an hour and a half.

Train Ticket Prices
Minimum price: €8.80
Maximum price: €19.90

These prices and timetables refer to regular trains. You'll find that there are intercity trains calling at Salou and Barcelona. You can take one of these if you want, but tickets can cost more.

RENFE trains Timetables and tickets

By Bus - Barcelona to Salou

The bus company Plana links Barcelona City Centre to Salou. You can take the bus in Passeig de Gràcia , next to the Metro Station. The bus stop is right in front of the Casa Batlló.

Operating hours: 07:15 - 23:15
The frequency is 1 to 2 hours.

From Salou to Barcelona buses leave every hour.

Operating hours: 03:40 - 11:05

There is also another bus.

Operating hours: 14:05 - 18:45
These timetables change during the weekend and depend on the season.

Tickets and timetables - Plana's website

or call the Plana helpline number on Tel: +34 97 755 3680

Salou To Barcelona

By Train - Salou to Barcelona

Operating hours: 06:57 - 22:58

Single ticket: €8.80
Single ticket:

The frequency is 20 minutes to an hour and a half.
See the official RENFE website for the train timetable between Salou to Barcelona.

The journey takes approximately an hour and a half.

Barcelona to Salou by Private Taxi

This is an expensive option because of the distances involved (105Km). For this reason it is worth considering the transfer methods described above.

Taxi fare: €220.00

Barcelona City Pass

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