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Barcelona to Valencia by Plane

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If you plan on travelling from Barcelona to Valencia it will take you an average of 3 hours to take the train and over four hours to take the coach. Therefore, if you need to get to Valencia as quickly as possible, a flight could be the best option. There are a variety of airlines that offer flights from Barcelona to Valencia.

Barcelona Airport terminal
Barcelona Airport terminal

This page will provide you with details on how to plan a plane trip from Barcelona to Valencia: where to catch the flight, how to buy tickets and ticket prices.

Where do I catch the plane from Barcelona to Valencia?

If you want to get the plane to Valencia from Barcelona you will be travelling from Barcelona Airport. This is Barcelona's most central and largest airport.

For details on how to get to Barcelona Airport from Barcelona city centre, see our Guide to Transport to Barcelona airport.

How to book your plane tickets

There are an abundance of flight companies operating between Barcelona and Valencia. These change on a regular basis, so to check what airlines are flying from Barcelona to Valencia at the time that you are looking for flights, see our Guide to Flights from Barcelona Airport.

Price of plane tickets

The price of plane tickets will vary depending on how far in advance you book them and what airline you decide to fly with.

Before looking at other travel options, consider the fact that cheap flights could prove to be as affordable as the train. For some advice on booking cheap flights, see our page on cheap flights to Valencia.

Taking the plane to Valencia from Barcelona is a quick and convenient way to make the journey. If you are interested in comparing it with other options like the coach, car or train, see our travel options from Barcelona to Valencia.

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