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Your Travel Options from Barcelona to Valencia Train, Plane, Coach and Car

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There are a variety of possibilities when deciding how to travel from Barcelona to Valencia: coach, train, plane or driving. Each option has its pros and cons in terms of time, convenience and journey length. It is worth comparing your journey options before making a final decision on what mode of transport to take.

Barcelona Sants station (Estació Sants)
Barcelona Sants station (Estació Sants)

This page will provide you with links to more detailed pages explaining your travel options from Barcelona to Valencia by car, train, plane and coach. Each page provides information on journey times, ticket prices, where to travel from and how to buy tickets for the various transport options from Barcelona to Valencia.

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The train from Barcelona to Valencia is one of the most popular options due to journey times and ticket prices. You can catch the train from Barcelona Sants station (Estació Sants) to Valencia. For full details, see our page on how to arrange your train journey from Barcelona to Valencia.


It takes slightly longer to get to Valencia from Barcelona by coach than by train, however, it can also work out slightly cheaper. There are also two options of stations in Barcelona to travel from; Barcelona Sants and Barcelona Nord. For full details, see our page on arranging your bus journey from Barcelona to Valencia.


You may decide to hire a car (or take your own) and drive the 350km from Barcelona to Valencia. This will give you the opportunity to plan your own journey and make some stops along the way if you fancy it. For driving instructions and details on hiring a car in Barcelona, see our driving directions from Barcelona to Valencia which includes a map with the entire route planned out road by road.


For convenience and speed you can consider flying from Barcelona Airport to Valencia Airport. There are some low budget airlines that offer this service, so it is worth checking prices before booking a train or coach ticket. For full details, see our page on flying from Barcelona to Valencia.

Spain is a large country and it can take a surprisingly large amount of time to travel around the country. However, if you are planning on heading from Barcelona to Valencia, there are a selection of options for getting there. Weigh up your options and decide on which mode of transport is best suited to you.

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