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Amapola Vegan Clothes Shop
Quality Vegan Clothes, Shoes, Bags and Accessories in Barcelona.

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Each day more small businesses in Barcelona are waking up to the fact that going vegan is one of the quickest and most direct ways to reduce global warming, improve health and prevent mindless suffering to animals.

Although vegan restaurants are sprouting up over the city I was stumped on where to buy quality vegan clothes, shoes and accessories.

During the COVID pandemic Amapola closed its physical store and is now operating a 100% online shop.

Background to Amapola

 Raquel owner of Amapola Vegan Clothes Shop in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Raquel, owner of Amapola

Raquel opened the Amapola in 2012 with the aim to provide quality clothes, shoes and accessories that do not use any animal products in their manufacture and are completely cruelty free.

Why did you open Amapola?

"At the time Barcelona did not have much in the way of shops providing vegan certified clothing. I opened the shop with the aim of providing Barcelona's growing vegan community with quality cruelty free clothing and accessories at a competitive price."

What criteria do you use to select a product for Amapola?

"All products in Amapola are certified vegan and cruelty free. In addition, I look for stylish products, manufactured to a high quality that look and feel just as good as conventional products. I also look for designers that are environmentally responsible with their choice of materials."

How did you find the vegan brands you stock?

"It was not easy! I spent a lot time online researching to track down the vegan brands that we supply here. Brands like Matt & Nat are well known for their exclusive vegan range but sometimes a non vegan brand could also make a line of clothing or accessories that are vegan certified and cruelty free. I carefully check out ever product we stock to make sure it's vegan and cruelty free."

What type of products do you provide at Amapola?

"We have a good range of vegan certified clothes, shoes for both men and women, bags and purses, belts, accessories and wallets."

I then took a look around the shop to see what the products were like. I was impressed to see that many of the bags and shoes looked and felt just like leather. I asked Raquel about this and how it was possible to make these products to look and feel the same as leather.

Raquel explained, "Manufacturing processes have made significant advances over recent years. Nowadays, vegan certified clothing are not just as good as conventional clothing but in many ways better. Accessory designers such as Matt & Nat also take considerable efforts to use only environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of their products."

Vegan messenger bag by Matt & Nat
Messenger bag I purchased from Amapola. Looks like leather, feels like leather.. except it isn't!
After taking another look around the store I was so impressed with the quality of the products that I bought a fabulous Matt & Nat messenger bag and a pair of casual shoes.

I've had the bag for just over a month now and absolutely love it and the shoes are some of the most comfortable I've worn.

I did some research on the brand Matt & Nat and found that it has a huge following. Top celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron are fans of the brand.

Matt & Nat have recently been featured in both The Times and Cosmopolitan magazines. The brand name was inspired by the words Materials and Nature, highlighting the ethical and environmental nature of the brand.

It seems that vegan products have come a long way in recent years.

I've included a few photos of a small sample of products available at Amapola below.

Vegan bags by Matt & Nat
Matt & Nat vegan bags
Vegan shoes
Stylish vegan shoes
Vegan Ladies BootVegan Purses  
Ladies footwear and purses.  


Amapola Vegan shop is now only a 100% online store. To visit the online store click the link below:

Website and online store:
Amapola vegan shop: clothes, shoes, bags and accessories

Amapola provides first class clothing and accessories that are stylish, well made and completely cruelty free. Raquel, the owner of Amapola is very knowledgeable about the products and provides a friendly and professional service. Highly recommended.

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