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Summary of the Barcelona Weather in February

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On this page you will find our day by day weather log that will give you an accurate idea of the typical weather conditions in Barcelona during the month of February.

Each day for an entire year I recorded the exact daily weather conditions including temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade, along with if it was dry, rainy or overcast. By the time you have looked through the table you will know what weather to expect in February and what type of clothes to bring on your holiday.

To see my weather log for other months in Barcelona or to see the current weather conditions please refer to our "Related Pages" section at the foot of this page where you will find links to these pages.

Summary of temperatures and weather in February:

Average temperature: 14° C or 57.2 F
Maximum temperature: 19° C or 66.2 F
Minimum temperature: 8° C or 46.4 F

Our Advice

You can see from this weather log that most of the time it is sunny but also with quite a lot of cloud in February. There may also be rainy days and you may want to bring a jacket when you are outside just in case it rains. Snow is unheard here in Barcelona and if ever it happens the snow does not last more than a few hours.

Make sure your hotel offers a good heating system.

Day by Day weather log for Barcelona Weather in February

February 29

Daily Comment: Temperature 8 -13°C around 46.5 - 55F . What a mixed bag of weather we've had today in Barcelona.

This morning started out beautifully sunny with an average temperature for this time of year (around 13°C) but by 15:00 the weather had changed completely and it actually started snowing.

I was amazed to see people dancing in the streets and getting excited about this because snow in Barcelona is practically unheard of.

The snow did not settle because at 8°C at ground level it melted right away but it was quite a site to see.

I used to live in the UK where snow is a regular thing, so I preferred to watch the snow fall, and the people dance, from the comfort of my own warm flat.

Day 28

Daily Comment: Temperature 11° C around 52 F Sunny but with a cold wind blowing making it feel a little nippy.

Day 27

Daily Comment: Temperature 11° C around 52 F Cloudy but with the odd occasional sunny moment.

Day 26

Daily Comment: Temperature 10° C around 50 F Cloudy with heavy rain :-(

Day 25

Daily Comment: Temperature 10° C around 50 F Cloudy with light rain.

Day 24

Daily Comment: Temperature 12° C around 53 F - Cloudy with occasional sun. How I wish it was the other way around.

Day 23

Daily Comment: Temperature around 17° C 63 F -Sunny most of the day.

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Day 22

Daily Comment: Temperature 17° C around 63 F -Sunny most of the day.

Day 21

Daily Comment: Temperature 13° C around 55 F -Cloudy with some rain.

Day 20

Daily Comment: Temperature 9 ° C around 48 F - rainy, cloudy windy and cold.

What to do if the Weather is bad. I can't believe how bad the weather is today! However there is plenty to do and see indoors if the weather is not behaving when you visit Barcelona. You can visit La Pedrera or Casa Batlló two of Antoni Gaudí's great buildings on Passeig de Gràcia . Or if you fancy some art there are the Picasso and Miró Museums and of course there is plenty of indoor shopping to be found around Avenida Portal de L' Angel. Once you have made it to the evening time you will be trying out tapas bars or eating at restaurants so bad weather won't be such a problem during the evening. But even so we've got our fingers crossed this bad weather will be on its way soon.

Day 19

Daily Comment: Temperature 13° C around 55 F -Sunny with some cloud.

Day 18

Daily Comment: Temperature 13° C around 55 F -Sunny most of the day with some light cloud. However this evening is cloudy and looks like it may rain I'm off now to bring my washing in before it starts.

Day 17

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F - Sunny.

Day 16

Daily Comment: Temperature 12° C around 53 F - Cloudy with some drizzle (why does the word drizzle sound so awful). Anyway I know I said that spring was around the corner a few days ago but you never know what is going to happen with the weather.

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Day 15

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F -Sunny with some white fluffy clouds.

Day 14

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F -Sunny with a little light cloud.

Spring is coming Over the last few weeks we have been gaining more light in both the morning and evening times (approximately 2 minutes of extra light each day) and there is a definite feeling that Spring (Primavera) is just around the corner.

Day 13 - updated on Sat ( took the day off)

Weather: Temperature 15° C around 59 F -Sunny.

Are our reports more accurate than Satellites? I've had an e-mail from a weather conscious viewer ( I think he must work for the meteorological survey centre or somewhere important like that) who claims that a person with a €20.00 thermometer cannot be as accurate as a multibillion pound orbiting satellite 1,000km above the earth. I was about to send a message back explaining that it was just a joke and not to take things too seriously, and that my thermometer was actually €23.00 etc but then I thought about it more and came to one interesting conclusion. Our reports actually may well be more accurate. All our reports are 100% accurate because we report what we have actually experienced so we never get it wrong. Unfortunately weather satellite prediction reports only give possibilities for the future (i.e. weather that does not exist yet and may never exist) not a summary of what the weather has actually been like -something you get on this page ;-)

Day 12

Daily Comment: Temperature 14° C around 57 F -Sunny.

Day 11

Daily Comment: Temperature 15° C around 59 F -Sunny with intermittent light clouds.

Day 10

Daily Comment: Temperature 14 - 15° C around 59 F. Sunny but a little chilly.

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Day 9

Daily Comment: Temperature 15° C or 59 F. Sunny but with a little light cloud.

Day 7

Daily Comment: Temperatures 19° C or 66.2 F Sunny with some light cloud.

Day 6 21:49 -This is the first entry in the web log.

Daily Comment: Temperatures 19° C or 66.2 F Sunny all day.

Day 3, 2005

Daily Comment: Temperature 12° C around 53 F Mild day today, sun was out, dry and clear skies. Just needs to be a little warmer.

Day 2, 2005

Daily Comment: Temperature 10° C around 50.0 F Quite a pleasant day today sunny and dry but still on the cold side.

Day 1, 2005

Daily Comment: Temperature 8° C around 46.4 F Clear skies today although felt colder than yesterday due to cold breeze.

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